How To Lose 30-40 Lbs in 43 Days + KEEP It Off For Life...
STOP! - Exclusive Mini-Training on How To Do This Diet Right...
"How I Took An Outdated Weight-Loss Method & Transformed It Into A Fat-Burning Powerhouse That Melts 30-40 Lbs Off Per Month..."
Please... whatever you do -- DON'T do the HCG Diet.

At least not until you watch this free video alerting you about the 3 Biggest Mistakes nearly every HCG Dieter makes!

You see, you're about to learn why the HCG Diet doesn't work for most people. At not long-term. In fact, that goes for nearly any diet because most don't and won't keep it off long-term. Most diets don't work. And I have a different definition of "work" than nearly everyone else.

The sole purpose of my coaching program for the HCG Diet... my sole focus and my team of expert coaches' sole focus is to get you to your 6-Month Milestone™ after your HCG Diet Journey is over.


According to a study done by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and the New England Journal Of Medicine, those who dieted and were able to stay with 5 pounds of their last day on that diet for 6 months or more -- were likely to not regain the weight they lost.

Internally, when we compile the data and look at the overall performance statistics of thousands of our members, our (unscientific) findings back up the AJCN and NEJM studies.

We have found that when members can meet their 6-Month Milestone™ and remain within 5 pounds of their last day on the HCG Diet, they're the most successful people and approximately 80% of our members have continued to keep the weight off long after they leave our program. We know this because we continue to do follow-ups over a year later.

No other HCG program has been able to do that. And there are three big reasons why that's the case.

But here's where everyone misses the boat: success on the HCG Diet (or any diet) is 80% your behavior and only 20% is the actual HCG protocol or dieting techniques.

Is This You On The HCG Diet?
Or for that matter, any of the last 3 diets you were on?
It's the very definition of a "vicious cycle," isn't it?

And yet, this describes almost every dieter I've ever know (including myself prior to going on the HCG Diet). And the downside is that each time you lose the weight and then eventually pack it all back on plus the extra pounds -- it slows down your metabolism even more... and then you want to go on another diet but...

You get the idea. I call it the dieting hamster wheel and once you get the wheel spinning on round after round of fad diets that keep you fat and make it harder to take off the weight by wrecking your metabolism -- it's very difficult to get off.

I know. Prior to going on my HCG Journey, I had almost completely wrecked my metabolism by all the diets I had been on, and it was getting harder and harder to lose weight no matter what the name of the diet was.

The HCG Diet was my "Hail Mary" shot to finally get my body and weight under control before diabetes and cardiovascular diseases started rearing their ugly heads...
How Did I Do On The HCG Diet?
 Across 3 rounds I shed nearly 160 lbs of life-threatening fat, slashed my body fat from 29.3+% to 9.5%, and narrowed my waist from 54 inches to 34 inches.

More importantly, I was no longer pre-diabetic and no longer in danger of having to go on a medley of prescription drugs to MANAGE, not fix my obesity.

My HCG Diet Journey fixed all of that and gave me my life back. And if I can do it, so can you!
 Then, because everyone was demanding "How in the world did you lose all of that?!" I started to think I was onto something here. And then as time passed and I KEPT it all off -- THAT REALLY got everyone's attention!

As you know, anyone can lose weight on any diet, but losing weight is easy. Any decent diet can help you do that. It's KEEPING the weight off that is the tricky part. That is, if you're doing other programs.

The unique thing about the HCG Diet, when it is done correctly is that not only can you shed 30-40 lbs. in just over 40 days, it also resets your metabolism back to being a fat-burning machine.

And Here's The Most Important Part -- For You!

This is me in 2017, nearly 12 years AFTER my last day of my fateful HCG Journey. Still within 5 lbs. and rockin' it with two lovely mutants from the X-Men.

Show me another HCG person who has successfully kept their weight off that long!

I went on 3 and only 3 rounds of the HCG Diet, all within a year and half -- and I never did another round, nor any other diet after that.

I am off the dieting hamster-wheel forever and that's what I want for you too! That's the whole reason I created this program in the first place!
HCG Diet = Ultimate Metabolism Do-Over!
So I eventually gave in and put into a step-by-step blueprint that anyone can follow and it works across gender lines, age lines and cultural lines. 
Enter The HCG Diet Success Coaching Program
Then I took the things that worked best across thousands of members who became our HCG Success Stories and baked those right in to the program too and called it the HCG Diet Success Coaching Program.

Think of it as "the HCG Diet Made Easy" program and biggest track record of proven successes -- thousands have lost over half a million pounds!

My mission to end obesity within a generation was off to a good start!
HCG Diet Success
And then along the way I also wrote the...

First And Only #1 Bestseller In HCG Diet History

Then I wrote a book about one of our first HCG Success Stories and distilled down what she learned and I added color commentary and the book went on to become a #1 Bestseller.

The first (and only) #1 bestselling book in the HCG Diet's 70 year history!
Just Look At Everything You Get In Our Week-By-Week  Roadmap To Success!
The HCG Diet Success Coaching Program gives you a structured, detailed blueprint to follow for every day, for all 12 weeks of your HCG Diet Journey.

This exclusive blueprint  shows you how to lose more fat and inches than anything you'll find on Facebook, YouTube or anywhere else -- online or offline.

Why? Because this is the only scientific and medically-based program that addresses the top three areas that derail most HCG Dieters.
7 Reasons Why This Coaching Program =
Maximum Fat And Inches Lost For You...
1. Being in our program holds you accountable for producing your results

2. We work alongside you to help create weight-loss miracles on your body with the HCG, and we also work on your Mental Game with the same peak performance tools the Olympic athletes use!

3. You will achieve greater results with our easy-to-follow blueprint to success. Just show up each week, watch the weekly lesson and apply what you learned.

4. You will be recognized for your achievements

5. You will create a new self-image of yourself -- one that is healthy, lean & fit!

6. You will be motivated to be fit & trim the rest of your life

7. We help you overcome your own internal resistance that has sabotaged all those other diet's you've been on.
"In Other Words, I've Made
Your Entire HCG Journey..."
I’ve made your next round on the HCG Diet stupidly simple and wildly successful as humanly possible.

Just Look At Everything You Get In my HCG Diet Success Coaching Program:

The entire 12 Week program is divided up into four easy-to-follow modules, each module consisting of approximately 4 weeks each:

Module 1: Setting Yourself Up To Win - Getting Mentally & Physically Prepped

Module 2: The HCG Diet - Your Six Week Success Blueprint

Module 3: Locking In Your Results - How to Guarantee Your Metabolism Resets and Lock It in

Module 4: Maintenance Mastery - How To Stay With 5 Lbs. Through Your 6-Month Milestone. Arguably, Modules 3 and 4 are the most important in the whole program and they are why so many of my competitors are constantly trying to sneak into my program and steal them so they can slap their name on it and claim it as their own.
Here's A Preview Of Just Your First Two Weeks...
Week #1 – We Get You Mentally & Physically Prepped
  • How To Order Your HCG – how to get it, where to get it and what form has proven itself to work best (shots, drops or troches). You can even get your HCG delivered overnight if you want!
  • The HCG formulation that gets the best results
  • Phase 1 Loading tips, tricks and traps - How to jump-start your fat loss so that you lose the most fat and inches
  • How to set yourself up to win with our exclusive Kitchen & Living Environment Set-ups Made Easy Plan
Then in Week #2 – Time To Take Your HCG And Start Loading
  • You'll know how to not just "survive" your first week but you'll learn how to thrive during that week
  • You'll know how to watch out for the physical and mental pitfalls that challenge every HCG Journey
  • You'll have meal plans, recipes and shopping lists for each phase of your journey to make sure you lose the most fat and inches
  • You'll have The Redhead's Food Funnel™ to guide you in all your meal planning and grocery shopping
But Wait, There's More! That's Not Even Close To Everything You Get...
You also get all of this...
So what are you waiting for? Click the friendly big orange button and get an instant $100+ off your HCG order (only when you place your HCG order through our email link) when you get coached by me and TeamHCG.
  • 12+ Weekly Interactive Coaching Livecast Q&A Trainings - each week I'll deliver my step-by-step plan for that phase. Each training is scientifically-designed to optimize your HCG experience and help you lose the most fat and inches possible. You'll be able to ask your questions and get answers LIVE!
  • 12 Ultimate HCG Diet Brain Re-Training Focus Sessions - These weekly 3D Holophonic audios give you the power to sit back, relax and have your brain automatically retrained to have the beliefs, habits, confidence, perceptions and behaviors of a naturally fit and trim, healthy person who now has absolute MASTERY over their weight. Simply download and put on your devices.
  • You'll get your own personalized Success Progress Tracker that automatically tells you how you're doing every step of your journey.
  • You will get the best practices, proven strategies, the newest tactics and inspiring examples of our most successful members
  • You'll get the smartest and frankly the best Phase 3 plan in the world. Everyone else has to worry about gaining the weight back, but when you go through the full 90 days of being coached by us, you won't! Stay tuned for what you'll learn in Week 7 because that's where the magic happens.
  • Special Guest Interviews - with our best Success Stories and other experts in nutrition and medicine
  • 90 Day Exclusive Membership Site Access
  • Mental Game Strategies of the most successful athletes and dieters in the world
  • Exclusive 12 Week Subscription to Our Fat-To-Fit Motivational Newsletter
  • Exclusive access to Nutritional Expert Dr. Klos' Optimal Health Video Series
  •  Five Part 365 Day Guarantee - see below
  • Plus, a bunch of Surprise Bonuses that you'll get along the way.
The Last Diet You Will Ever Go On Is Ready For You...
So what are you waiting for? Click the friendly big orange button and get  get coached by me and TeamHCG.
So You're Probably Wondering "But Can I Afford It?"
You Can't Go Wrong With Our Incredible Iron-Clad Quintuple Guarantee!
Look, I know you’re skeptical because I was just like you, remember?

So I’m willing to offer a No-Fail Guarantee that ensures you will succeed! We'll pull out all the stops to either get you the help you need to succeed now... or if something happens that interupts your HCG Journey, then we'll help you succeed on your next round.

Let me explain...

If by the end of our 90 days together (6 weeks in Phase 2 + 3 weeks in Phase 3 + and additional 3 weeks in Phase 4) to make sure you stay within 5 lbs. of your last day; if by the end of that you haven’t lost at least 30 lbs., and if you can show me that you gave it your all and weren’t slacking off and stuffing your face with bonbons in front of the TV, then let me know and for up to 365 days later, I’ll let you pop into another of my HCG Diet Success Coaching Programs and we will continue to work with you.

Here's why I'm willing to do this... because I know that folks like you – folks committed to taking the weight off and keeping it off – would rather succeed than get a refund.

Look, I bent over backwards to create this program! Literally pouring everything I know about losing the weight fast on the HCG Diet and keeping it off for good.

You will not only be satisfied, I guarantee you will be thrilled and amazed with the entire coaching program.

I dare you to find a more complete HCG Diet Program anywhere. The next 90 days are packed with all of the support and tools you need to optimize your HCG experience:

1. I guarantee you will lose more fat & inches than any solo round you've been on.

2. I guarantee you will keep the weight off when you follow our plan.

3. I guarantee you will know everything you need to know to take the fat and inches off faster than normal while on the HCG Diet.

4. I guarantee you’ll know how to keep the weight from ever coming back for the rest of your life.

5. I guarantee that this is the most comprehensive HCG Diet Coaching Program designed for your success you’ll find anywhere.

Give it a try...

You have nothing to lose except your excess fat and inches!  

Don't cheat yourself out of success. Get the only HCG Diet coaching program that is proven to be successful over and over again.

Walter Terry
Multiple #1 Bestselling Author
CEO, Founder and Creator of the HCG Diet Success Coaching Program, Gutless In Seattle and LongLive University

FAQ: Should I Vary My HCG Dosage According To How Much I Weigh?
No. That is utter and complete nonsense. The only person who's making this claim is also selling more HCG to the unwary when they botch a round following her unproven and untested advice.
FAQ: Can I Exercise While On HCG?
 Yes you should, because exercise is key to any healthy lifestyle. And, do so moderately while you're in Phase 2 and the first part of Phase 3.
FAQ: Is There A Waiting Period Before I Go On Another Round?
Yes. Six weeks in between each round. It's mandatory. You're probably asking because there is a dangerous and unproven tactic desperate HCG'ers have been doing called cycling, and that is why some think they don't have to wait the mandatory six weeks between rounds. You'll not only lose less, you'll also be wasting your HCG.
FAQ: Will We Get Recipes In Your Program?
Of course! All our membership levels, DIY,  Platinum and Platinum Plus come with full shopping lists, menu plans and recipes.
FAQ: Can I Have Coconut Oil During Phase 2? I Have Read Yes On Some Sites But Others Say You Can't.
I understand your confusion. In my coaching program whether we recommend it or not depends on how well someone is doing on their HCG Journey up to that point. It does depend on several key factors. The greatest threat to everyone's HCG Journey is paying attention to untested advice on common HCG hangouts -- Facebook Groups, YouTube, backwater "forums" and the list goes on. Stick to those with a proven track record and ignore the rest.
FAQ: I Heard HCG Makes Your Hair Fall Out. Is That True?
The actual reason for hair loss has absolutely nothing to do with the HCG hormone or diet or protocol.  Under the right conditions, hair loss in women over the age of 35 is common, whether they’re on a diet or not.  So the question is: Why do women over the age of 35 women commonly experience hair loss?
Short Answer: It’s a combination of 4 things: low stomach acid, low DHEA, low sex hormones and a weak thyroid. For much longer, more complete answer see Suzanne Somers book Breakthrough: Eight Steps to Wellness, pages 30+.
FAQ: This Will Be The 4th Time I Am Doing The Diet. I Lost 83 Pound In The First 3 Rounds But Gained Back 60 Of It Back. What Am I Doing Wrong?!
Looks like you don’t have a good system for transitioning from P2 to P3 to P4 because whatever you’re doing and however you’re doing it, you’ve been unable to keep the weight off once you’re off the HCG protocol. Sadly, it is a common problem with the do-it-your-selfers online and those following free HCG advice.

Constantly losing and regaining the same weight over and over again is incredibly hard on the body, as any doctor will tell you. We have a great program for fixing that problem, and that appears to be the missing piece to whatever way you’re doing the HCG Diet. We would love to have you in the program!
FAQ: Can Vegetarians Do This Diet? What is the best protein substitute source? Thank you.
The short answer is yes. Vegetarians can be successful on the HCG Diet. However, as a general rule, they lose less fat and inches per round than their meat-eating peers. Sorry.
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